Route Three

Ponce de Leon Avenue Corridor

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  • Former site of Atlanta Metropolitan Community Church
  • Former site of Texas Drilling Company
  • Former residence of the late Charlie St. John
  • Plaza Theatre
  • Former site of Atlanta Gay Center & first site of Christopher’s Kind Bookstore
  • Friend’s on Ponce and former site of Redoubt Atlanta
  • Former home of Michael Hardwick
  • Former/ Current site of Mrs. P’s Bar
  • Ray Kluka Memorial Park
  • John Howell Memorial Park
  • Atlanta Eagle
  • Queer Intersection (10th and Piedmont)
  • Queer Intersection (Peachtree Strip) (Audio forthcoming)
  • Bulldogs
  • Queer Intersection (Peachtree at 6th and Juniper) (Audio forthcoming)
  • Former sites of Gallus and Metro
  • St. Mark United Methodist Church and Former site of First Baptist Church of Atlanta
  • The Fox Theatre and the Georgian Terrace Hotel
  • Former site of Franklin Simon Department Store
  • Former site of Pleasant Peasant Restaurant
  • Joan P. Garner Library

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